Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Reasons to Stay Indoors This Summer

Summertime used to be the season of re-runs. My, how things have changed. Nowadays it seems as though some of the hottest shows on TV debut during the hottest time of year. Here's my list of the 5 BEST Summer Series':

5.) Weeds
Okay, so we all know this show jumped the shark at the end of season 2, when Nancy--the pot-dealing suburban mom--got out of the stickiest of jams with the mother of all deux ex machinas. But guess what, I'm too invested in the characters at this point to stop watching. Plus, Andy Botwin is still one of the funniest fuck-ups in television history.

4.) Entourage (Final Season)
What were we just saying about sharkjumping? Again though, we care about the characters too much to allow this show's often stagnant--and always contrived--storylines bore us as much as they should. Plus it's every guys guilty pleasure and, it being the last season, I'm hoping for some unusually provocative plot twists. And boobs.

3.) Louie
The most hilarious comedian today is also the most cutting-edge. And the newest televised incarnation of Louie CK's sidesplitting hilarity holds nothing back. Is there nothing sacred? Fuck no. Aids.

2.) Curb Your Enthusiasm
I'll try not to get too excited about it, but this upcoming season is set in The Big Apple. Larry's coming home, BABY!!!

1.) Breaking Bad
Nothing can prepare you for the emotionally jarring, downward trajectory of Walt and his entire inner circle in the most superbly-acted and masterfully-written drama of our time.

Am I missing anything? Probably, but that's what the comments section is for!

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