Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Keep Practicing

Courtesy of GFunkExpress, the following is the inspiring clip of a young child who has just learned to ride a bike for the first time. Thanks to modern technology (social media in particular) this iconic young lad is now immortalized as a symbol of unyielding courage and determination.

For bonus motivational points, try cranking Vangelis in the background:

That Vangelis dude is kinda rockin' the whole Loggins/Messina motif, huh?

Would have thought him to be significantly more Beethovenesque in appearance...


After years of honing the masterful skills of facial impersonation, Vangelis has managed to NAIL the patented Beethoven grimace, a scowl which is usually only brought on after years of ruthless childhood lashings. No word yet as to wether or not the post-modern pianist had to endure savage floggings in order to sustain such a disconcerting stare, typically reserved for probable sex-offenders:

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