Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

"Even though I never met him, I'm feeling the loss of Steve Jobs on a very personal level."

If u bought $500 worth of Apple the day that Forrest Gump came out, it'd be worth $30,226 today.

It would be impossible to go through a single day in modern society without using a device innovated by Steve Jobs.


  1. $300 for a iPhone, $600 for a iPad, $2,000 for a iMac.......This guy was robbing the whole world of our hard earned paychecks and you miss this a$$hole? Another stupid view/blog.

  2. I find it interesting that you post this up directly after posting about how if you don't have enough money in this country you should 'work harder.' First off, if Apple prices are too expensive for your paltry paycheck you should consider following some of your own advice so that you can afford the gamechanging products that Steve Jobs spent his life revolutionizing society with. Secondly, in your idealized view of a flawless American Meritocracy, the CEO of the country's most valuable company should equate to the hardest-working American in modern such, one would you think you'd revere Steve Jobs as much as anyone. But clearly your logic is as bug-ridden as a standard Windows OS.

  3. Duh, only godless liberal fags use Apple products. They may not be for the have-nots, but anyone using them is surely going to rot in hell.