Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anger into Action

Occupy Wall Street--the rapidly expanding movement that has grown out of lower Manhattan over the past few weeks--has received a fair share of derision at the hands of the MSM. The most common gripe seems to be that protestors lack leadership and any clear goals or agenda. Well, for one: they do. But perhaps more compelling is simply their snowballing presence and strengthening resonance throughout the cultural landscape. They are nothing less than a physical manifestation of the colossal unrest and free-floating anger that pervades contemporary society. This huge amorphous blob of dissatisfaction is entirely threatening to the establishment because it can easily be sculpted into something far more concrete and revolutionary, but ONLY if the Powers That Be aren't able to contain it in its fledgling phases.

In the name of promoting traction, here is one very easy vow that can and should become a mantra for these hoarded masses of unhappy citizens: Vote.

That's right. An easy to perform task that some would even refer to as civic duty. It's only going to take an hour or two--at most--out of your entire year, and judging by the fact that you've been camping out in downtown Manhattan for the past few weeks, I think you can fit it into your busy schedule. SO FUCKING DO IT!


The increasing mess that we find ourselves in today (namely a disturbing disparity between mega-rich and everyone else) is wholly a function of the revolving door between Big Business and Big Politics. Businesses spoon-feed political campaigns--hedging their bets by doubling down on both sides of the aisle. Politicians, GOPs and DEMs alike, respond by looking out for their donors. It's not Rocket Science, it's elementary logic--you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

In Journalism any publisher will tell you about the supreme importance of a firewall that exists between advertising and editorial. Without it, you can merely buy yourself press and in so doing sacrifice the integrity that is vital to any reputable news source. In society, business is advertising and politics is editorial, yet we have let the firewall between the two erode entirely. And how do you think that has affected the integrity of our beloved institutions?

Our only hope of ever breaking this vicious cycle is to support--exclusively--candidates that don't owe anything to corporate sponsorship. And thanks to modern technology (i.e. the Internet) we can do the research necessary to find these outliers, no matter how obscure or under-advertised they may seem. Obscurity is obsolete in this day and age, so let's start taking advantage of that fact. It is profoundly asinine that our society continually refuses to entertain the viability of a 3rd party option.

If I loved Coca-Cola but then one day the flavor unexpectedly changed and started sucking ass, I'd strongly consider giving Pepsi a try. So now I'm all setup with Pepsi, but then--wouldn't you know it-- Pepsi started sucking shit as well. So maybe once, just once, I'll have the opportunity to try switching back to Coca-Cola again without being viewed as a complete and total imbecile. But how many times can I switch back and forth between these, and ONLY these two sucky options before friends and loved ones would consider having me committed? It's a pretty simple point, America: give RC Cola a chance already, won't you? It's really not that bad. Just because you've never seen a commercial for them doesn't mean it's not fantastically refreshing. Fuck, even go with Polar
Cola if you want--true, their soda tastes like asshole, but they have a super cool website.

Why do we INSIST upon pigeon-holing ourselves within the most restrictive boxes imaginable? WHY!?

Some 20th century pseudo-intellectual named Albert Ein-something (a moron, relatively speaking) famously defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Doesn't anyone notice this? I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!

Let's all come together, Occupiers, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Socialists--we all want the same thing: a fair shake at a happy life for ourselves and our families. So why not combine our efforts against the common enemy and make the fragmenting, disempowering terms REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRAT as obsolete as they are non-productive. Now THAT would be a movement you can bet your ass would make Wall Street and Washington tremble.


  1. It's a nice vision you propose but how would it work? What are the mechanics? I think this is the problem really... tea partiers are co-opted by the gop and the dems are already moving in on the #ows groups. Once the MSM takes control of the movements, they become controlled by the same corporations pulling all the other strings.

  2. What a dumb ass blog this is. The government isn't a charity for the have-nots. If you dont have, work harder to get. Stop being lazy you stupid democrats.

    1. What about the have-nots who work hard and have little to show for it?

  3. I feel genuinely sorry for you that you've ENTIRELY missed the point. I explicitly state in the above post that one should NOT vote for any democrats whatsoever, nor republicans. So what makes this post in any way left-leaning? When and where am I advocating for the welfare state? My ONLY point is for everyone--including your kool-aid drinking, spoon-fed ass--to vote! And if you really want to make an impact, contrary to popular believe, your only option is to vote outside the proverbial box of traditional, corporate sponsored candidates. How is this NOT an ideology embraceable by the Tea Party mentality to which you so obviously ascribe?

  4. How are the Dems who are in the pockets of the Unions any better?

    1. Because the Unions represent the interests of working people. Most Americans are employed by businesses and would do better if they have better working conditions. Thank the Unions for the fact that we have minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare, sick leave, child labor laws, etc.

      It's interesting that the "special interest groups" are women, minorities, and working people - basically the whole population, while "our national interest" is very often confined to the interests of a Corporate elite.

      That being said, part of the point being made in this blog, is that Democrats take a lot of their money from Unions and environmental groups, and a lot of their money from Wall Street. Therefore, Democrats are a bit better for the general population, but they are still, basically bought and sold by the rich. So I daresay the Dems are better, but only because there is a rather low bar...

  5. The imagery above must have thrown off the anonymous shit eaters and made them think this was left leaning. "Dem dirty hippies in doze pictures, and Fox sez deyz supports da lame stream media"

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