Wednesday, December 7, 2011

**The End of America As We Know It**



This law (National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, S. 1867) turns America into a battlefield and shreds the founding principles of the United States Constitution by suspending due process. Make no mistake about it, this is the beginning of the end of this fine land. The senate passed it by a margin of 93-7. Think about that for a second...93-7:

"It’s particularly telling that two such seemingly disparate groups of politicians — ostensibly liberal Democrats concerned with the rule of law and ostensibly conservative Republicans concerned with shrinking government — who spent two months disagreeing about whether or not to raise America’s debt ceiling, an ultimately arbitrary and unimportant decision, took less than a week to find consensus on upending the rule of law and radically extending the government’s power."

Liberals, libertarians, and independents alike should all be extraordinarily concerned with what's going on here. Now's one of our last chances to make a stand for the civil liberties that form the core of the Bill of Rights. Let our voices be heard loud and clear: President Obama, if you fail to veto this abhorrent encroachment upon our rights as free citizens, you have NOT A PRAYER of re-election. Tell him now, while there's still a chance. Click here to send him a letter.

And click here to learn more about this legislative abomination and the crooked politicians behind it (hint: his name rhymes with McBane)

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  1. Anything it takes to get ride of those dirty mexicans