Friday, March 30, 2012

**Cycles for Superheroes**

The bad-ass bicycle that you're looking at above is produced by my good friend Kane Fortune, of Fortune Hanebrink All-Terrain Vehicles.  Even more rugged than it looks, this state-of-the-art mega-machine can go over boulders, beaches, snow, shrubs or anything else that you can throw in its way.  It has an electric-on-demand throttle that allows you to get an added boost when you're going up insane inclines that would otherwise be impassable on a traditional bicycle.  

Hand-crafted in Corona, CA by legendary cyclist Dan Hanebrink, this unsurpassed piece of cutting-edge technology is no louder than a standard street bike, and can ride on full throttle for over an hour.  Used properly--as an intermittent pedal-assistant--you can enjoy an entire afternoon of adventuring on one charge.  

Just this year, the Hanebrink was a part of history, as cyclist Helen Skelton rode one for 103 miles to the South Pole, becoming the first person in the world to accomplish such a feat. Under the harshest conditions on earth, this bicycle proved just how serious it is about owning the title, 'All-Terrain.' Good luck finding obstacles that it can't dominate.  As Kane recently told the BBC, "It looks like Batman's Bike."  If you fancy yourself a superhero then say hello to your own personal Batmobile.

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