Tuesday, February 21, 2012

**Drive Soundtrack**

Just saw the movie Drive last night for the first time. Not sure exactly how I feel about it. Definitely captivating to watch, with a few scenes that will certainly stick out--particularly for their pronounced gruesomeness--but overall I thought there were some serious pitfalls in the story-telling and a few elements that just didn't make any sense at all. But there was some solid acting from usual standouts like Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks (quite creepy sans eyebrows). From a technical standpoint, it's nice how the filmmakers often eschewed dialogue in favor of creating visceral moods through lighting, expressions and, most notably: music. I was a big fan of the heady beats that permeated the score. It at once felt nostalgic and somehow futuristic. Although I need more time to process my thoughts on the film itself, the undeniable impact of the soundtrack is immediate. Listen for yourself...

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